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Mac OS Ken: 07.30.2010

Softbank CEO Praises iPhone and iPad on Latest Quarterly Earnings Call / Telstra Gives iPhone 4 High Marks - Especially with a Bumper or Case / Norwegian Newspaper Praises iPhone 4 and Harshes on A T and T Over Antenna Issues / A T and T Ranked Second in Wireless Customer Service / Lookout Says Data Stealing Android Wallpaper App Not Quite as Scary as Reported / Lookout Says More Free Apps In Apple’s App Store Invade Privacy Than Free Apps in Android Marketplace / Ballmer versus Analysts on Microsoft versus iPad / Nintendo Reports First Loss in Two Years / FCC Site Shows 3G-Enabled Case for iPod touch with Sprint Branding / Amazon Updates Kindle App for iThings / Apple Looks for Truly Amazing Person to Do Truly Amazing Things with Mac OS X / Japan Demands Answers from Apple Over 5-year-old Overheating iPod nanos / iFixit Breaks a Magic Trackpad

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Mac OS Ken: 07.29.2010

Apple Opens Extensions and Extensions Gallery with Safari Update / Apple Issues Security Fixes in Safari 5.0.1 and Safari 4.1.1 for Tiger / Comet Starts Selling iPad in the UK / John Lewis Starts Selling iPad in the UK / T-Mobile and 3 to Start iPhone Sales in the UK this Friday / Motorola Swipes at iPhone 4 with No Jacket Required Ad for Droid X / Apple Investigating iPhone 3G Issues After Upgrading to iOS4 / Apple Opens iAd to App Advertising / All Things D Looks at the Vexing World of Magazine Subscriptions for iPad / Apple Agrees to Honor Mac mini Orders at Accidental Markdown / Analytics Firm Says if the iPad Were a Computer Apple Would Be a Top Five Computer Maker if the iPad Were a Computer / Amazon Unveils 3rd Gen Kindles / Security Researchers Highlight Data Stealing Wallpaper App for Android at Black Hat Conference / Please Subscribe to my new podcast - Search for Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 07.28.2010

Apple Updates iMac Line / Apple Updates Mac Pro Line / Apple Unveils New 30-inch LED Cinema Display / Apple Releases Magic Trackpad / Apple Ships Software Updates for Magic Trackpad Compatibility / Many Apple Laptops Get New Gestures for Trackpad to Match Magic Trackpad / Apple Releases New Battery Charger for Desktop Peripherals / UBS Analyst Likes New Macs and Peripherals for Back-to-School / Apple Sued Over Overheating iPads / Cult of Mac Has Apple Still Encouraging People to Not Jailbreak iPhones / Harvard Law Professor Says Trafficking in iPhone Hacks Not Exactly Legal / O2 and Vodafone Extend Return Time for iPhone 4 / Yankee Group Analysts Clears the Air on iPhone versus Android Loyalty / First Android Phone G1 Reaches End of Life / RIM and A T and T to Host Joint Press Event Next Tuesday / A T and T Tells PC World It Will Be the Premier Windows Phone 7 Carrier / Apple to Open Downtown Philadelphia Store This Friday at 5pm / Mac OS Ken: Live - Presented by Drobo-maker Data Robotics - Tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific on / Find Out More About the Drobo at

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Mac OS Ken: 07.27.2010

Sudden Inescapable Buzz Around New Apple Hardware Today / TiVo Stock Spikes on Apple TV Rumor / French Site Says New iLife Suite on August 7 / Jailbreaking and Unlocking Smartphones Now Legal Under DMCA Exemption / EFF Celebrates Jailbreaking Changes / Silicon Alley Insider Says Jailbreak Rules Changes Only Applicable to Niche iPhone Users / iPhone 4 to Hit 17 More Countries This Friday / WSJ Says SKorea Upset at Not Getting iPhone 4 This Weekend / Apple Ships the First of the Free iPhone 4 Bumpers / Citi Sees Security Issue with Old Banking App / Apple Faces Trouble Over Pricing Mistake on Website in Taiwan / A T and T Launches Second WiFi Hotzone in Charlotte-NC / A T and T Says Alcatel-Lucent Fix for HSUPA Upload Speeds Coming in 2 to 3 Weeks / Apple and 12 Other Sued Over Display Patents / Microsoft Tapping beta Testers for Office for Mac 2011 / HMV Launches New Download Service to Compete with iTunes in UK

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Mac OS Ken: 07.26.2010

Apple Pushes Shipment of White iPhone 4 to Later this Year / Apple Releases App for Free iPhone 4 Case Program / Apple Emails Recipients of iPhone 4 Bumper Refunds / Apple Posts Death Grip Demo Video of Motorola Droid X / Microsoft Becomes ARM Licensee / HTC Plans UI Augmentation for Windows Phone 7 / HP Confirms No More Windows-based Smartphones / Engadget Says WP7 Phone from HTC Spotted Without Sense UI / Yankee Group Survey Shows iOS Beating Android in Terms of Platform Stickiness / Apple Issues Update for Recently Updated iBooks App / Apple Opens Newsstand Section of App Store Aimed at iPad / News Corp Exec Sees Tablets as a Do-Over for Online News / Apple Releases Xcode 4 Developer 2 Preview / MacRumors Sees Possible Signs of Mac Pro Update / Experian Hitwise Says Apple Top Electronics Site in Hong Kong / Apple Tops Laptop Tech Support in 2010 Laptop Magazine Survey

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Mac OS Ken: 07.23.2010

Apple Insider Sees Signs of New iMacs Coming Soon / Apple Refunding Bumper Charges for Units Ordered from Apple Online / A T and T Activates Record Number of iPhones in 2Q / A T and T Activates Roughly Half-a-Million 3G iPads in 2Q / WSJ has LG Display Saying It Cannot Keep Up with iPad Screen Demand / Hon Hai Exec Says Foxconn to Charge Customers More to Cover Higher Employee Wages / Apple Updates Snow Leopard Server and Wiki Server / Secunia Says Apple Software Number One in Number of Known Vulnerabilites / Security Researcher Outline Autofill Security Vulnerability in Safari 4 and Safari 5 / CNN Releases Free International News App for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Mac OS Ken: 07.22.2010

Analysts Go Nuts for Apple Post 3Q Earnings / UBS Analyst Surprised by Strong Apple Guidance for 4Q / Apple Adds Nokia Phone to Smartphone Death Grip Example Page / Verizon and Motorola to Replace Small Number of Dysfunctional Droid X Units / Designers Seek to Heal Antennagate Problems with Antenna-Aids / Cult of Mac Source Says Good Chance of iPhone for T-Mobile USA This Quarter / iSuppli Nearly Doubles iPad Sales Expectations for CY2010 / Apple and Frito Lay and 34 Other Companies Sued Over Alleged  Spam Filter Patent Violation / Apple Promotes VP of Operations to SVP of Operations / Skype Updates iPhone App with Multitasking Support and No Charge for Skype-to-Skype 3G Calls / Secret Tethering App Sneaks Into App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 07.21.2010

Apple Reports 3Q 2010 Earnings / Apple to Open Two New US Stores This Weekend / Yankee Group Says iPhone Halo Shines on A T and T / Apple Changes iOS Developer Submission Options / File Maker Releases FileMaker Go for ipad and FileMaker Go for iPhone / Jobs Tops GuardianMedia 100 2010 Poll / Glamour Requires Ad in Traditional Magazine to Buy Ad on iPad Edition / Apple Gives Source Code for MacPaint and QuickDraw to the Computer History Museum

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Mac OS Ken: 07.20.2010

The Apple 3Q Earnings Call Tuesday 23 July at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT / The Wuiner and The Wolfman Weigh In on Apple and Antennagate / Apple Pulls iPhone 4 Bumpers from Sale Ahead of Antennagate Case Giveaway / Apple to Launch iPad in Nine More Countries on Friday 23 July / Fortune On Why Investors Should and Should Not Worry About iPhone Sales / Apple Responds to Congressional Concerns Over iTunes and Privacy / Apple Sued for Allegedly Falsely Marking Devices with Inapplicable Patents / Apple Issues Relatively Minor Update for iTunes / iTunes Update Includes Security Fix for Windows Users / Apple Updates iBooks App with Numerous Fixes and Support for A/V Books / Engadget Says It Looks Like the FCC Has Approved a Magic Trackpad for Apple / MacCast: Amazon Listing May Indicate New iLife Suite for the Fall / Google Nexus One Gets Retired / Official: Verizon Discontinues Sales of Microsoft Kin Phones / WSJ Says Nokia May Bo Looking to Replace CEO / HP Seeks Trademark for Term PalmPad / Mac OS Ken - Live Tomorrow Night at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on UStream-TV

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Mac OS Ken: 07.19.2010

A Recap of the iPhone 4 Press Conference / Consumer Reports calls blah blah blah blah blah / Fortune Looks at Responses from Analysts to iPhone 4 Press Event / RIM Not Pleased to Be Included in iPhone 4 Antenna Event / HTC Claims Smaller Tech Support Percentage for Droid Eris Than iPhone 4 / Jobs Says Apple Has a Verizon Cell Tower on Campus / San Mateo DA Withdraws Gizmodogate Search Warrant / Verizon Reportedly Declines to Sell Remainder of its Kins / All Things D Says HP Has Tabled Plans for Android Slate / Intel Hires Former Palm and Apple Exec to Build Prototype Atom Phones

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Mac OS Ken: 07.16.2010

Bloomberg Says Apple CEO Steve Jobs Warned by Apple Engineer of Potential Antenna Issue with iPhone 4 / Apple Tells WSJ That Bloomberg Story is Simply Not True / Abramsky and Munster Say iPhone 4 Fix will Be Permanent and Not Just Free Bumpers / Fortune Takes a Closer Look at What Munster Thinks Might Happen / NYT Source Says Recall of iPhone 4 Not an Option on the Table / NY Senator Urges Apple to Come Clean About the iPhone 4 Antenna Issues / Consume Reports Says a Bumper Solves the iPhone 4 Antenna Problem / iOS 4.0.1 Changes iPhone Signal Indicators / iLounge Looks at Features of iOS 4.1 beta / Apple Releases Minor Update to OS for iPad / Research Group Sees Continued Strong Demand for iPad / DigiTimes Says Apple to Redesign and Shrink the MacBook Air / SAI Says Apple Eyed Acquisition of Palm

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Mac OS Ken: 07.15.2010


Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Centered Press Conference Friday July 16 / Fortune Does the Analyst Roundup on iPhone 4 Antenna Talk / Apple Seeds iOS 4.1 and 4.1 SDK betas to Registered iPhone Developers / One iPhone 4 Owner Calls Attention to Proximity Sensor Issues / WSJ Says Parts Constraints Could Drive Up Prices of CE Goods By Holidays / IDC Says Apple Owns Just Under Nine Percent of US Computer Sales in 2Q / Gartner Says Apple Owns Just Under 10 Percent of US Computer Sales in 2Q / Goldman Sachs Says iPad Set to Eat into Laptop and Netbook Sales / NPD Sees Sizable Interest in Paid iTunes Music Streaming Service / Apple Buys Second Online Mapping Company in Less Than a Year / Microsoft COO Makes Fun of iPhone 4 Issues (Less Than a Month After Killing His Kin)


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Mac OS Ken: 07.14.2010

Three PR/Communications Wonks on Apple and its Woes / Bernstein Analyst Sacconaghi Expresses Concern Over Apple PR Issues / SAI Says It May Be Time for an Open Letter from Steve Jobs / GigaOm Says Free Bumpers for All (And Why Did Apple Make Bumpers to Begin With) / Kaufman Brothers Stands By Apple Buy Rating and 349-Dollar Price Target / Apple (Still) Plans 25 More Stores in China by End of 2011 / Microsoft Plans MobileMe Type Services for Windows Phone 7 / Microsoft Seeks iPad Owners for iPad Use Study / What is Scott Forstall doing on Twitter / Audible Launches Native iOS4 App for iPhone and ipod Touch / Greenpeace Bashes Dell for Not Being More Like Apple / Mac OS Ken Live Tonight at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on Ustream-tv

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Mac OS Ken: 07.13.2010

Consumer Reports Cannot Recommend iPhone 4 Due to Antenna Issue / A Look Back at What Consumer Reports Said About iPhone 4 Before / Apple Pulls Consumer Reports Talk from Discussion Boards / Resolve Market Research Looks at iPad Expectations and Uses / Ninth Largest Law Firm in UK Gives Each of its Lawyers an iPad / Ballmer Says Microsoft is Hardcore on About Windows-Based Tablets / Verizon Droid X to Ship Wide This Thursday / App Inventor for Android Wants to Let Everyone Build Apps (Eventually) / Windows 7 System 7 System Phone Developer Tools Near Final Version / RIM Shows Off New BlackBerry OS 6 Features and MobilMe-Type BlackBerry Protect / Barnes and Noble Aims for Students with NOOKstudy / Macworld Expo Offers Free Expo-Only Registration Through July 26

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Mac OS Ken: 07.12.2010

Apple/A T and T iPhone Monopoly Suit Granted Class Action Status / Apple and Other Smartphone Makers Sued Over Wireless Email Patent / Apple Sues Three Firms For Selling Knockoff Laptop Power Adapters / Ovum Research Has Some Interesting Ideas for Application Market Share in 2015 / Apple Issues Recall for Some Faulty 2008 Time Capsules / iPhone Licensed for WiFi Variation in China / Tale of the Tiny Touchscreen / New Apple Store in Covent Garden Nears Completion / Apple Moves to 197 on Fortune List of Most Profitable Companies / Jobs and Ive Top Fortune Smart People in Tech Lists

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Mac OS Ken: 07.09.2010


Financial Alchemist Expects Confusing 3Q Leading to Massive 4Q for Apple / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sticks with iPhone Sales Estimates of 9-and-a-half-million for 3Q / Bernstein Analyst Kind of Sort of Guesses and iPad Sales Numbers for FY2011 / Merrill Lynch Analyst Looks at iPhone and the Enterprise / MacNN Says Second Wave of iPhone 4s Appears to be Shipping / Japanese Site Features Pics of Apparent White iPhone 4 Unboxing / comScore Data Shows All Smartphones Losing Some Ground to Android in US in Most Recent Report / Rumor Out of UK of iPod touch Camera Set-Up to Replicate iPhone 4 Camera Set-Up / Parts Suppliers Seem to Support Coming of the Camera-Equipped iPod touch / New Apple TV Rumor Points to 99-cent TV Show Rentals / Developer Claims 13-Hundred-Dollar Payday on Day One of iAds / Microsoft Seeks to Patent Virtual Page Turning for Virtual Books / Good Guys and Bad Music and Fireworks on The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe


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Mac OS Ken: 07.08.2010

Brian Marshall Runs with the Bulls on Apple / UBS Analyst Calls for Over 3-Million Macs Sold in 3Q / A T and T Blames Alcatel-Lucent Gear for Slowdown in iPhone 4 Upload Speeds / YouTube Upgrades Site for iOS and Android Devices / WSJ Says Softbank Adds 229-Thousand New Subscribers in June Likely Thanks to iPads and iPhones / Bloomberg Looks at iPad in the Enterprise / Apple Begins beta Testing New MobileMe Calendar Web-App / Borders Opens eBooks Store to Compete with Barnes and Noble and Amazon and the Apple iBookstore / SproutCore Co-Creator Leaves Apple to Start SproutCore Based Business / Disney Releases Disney Movies iPad App / New Apple Store in Shanghai to Open This Weekend

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Mac OS Ken: 07.07.2010


Wu Lowers iPhone Sales Expectations for 3Q but Raises iPad Expectations and Apple Price Target / Munster Says iPad not Cannibalizing Mac Sales Right Now / DigiTimes Says iPad Production Up Over 2-Million Units a Month / Apple Acknowledges App Store Book App Developer Fraud / Apple Says Number of Compromised Accounts Was Small / iPhone Users Report Upload-Speed Slowdowns on A T and T 3G Network / EU Considers Apple App Store Antitrust Investigation / Apple Updates MobileMe iDisk App for iOS4 as well as for iPad / Apple Releases Maintenance Update for iMovie for iPhone 4 / Apple to Open Second South Carolina Store in Greenville This Weekend / Mozilla Ships Firefox 4 beta 1 / UK Mobile Reseller Says iPhone 3G Most Recycled Phone in June


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Mac OS Ken: 07.06.2010

Apple Issues Letter on iPhone 4 and Reports of Reception Issues / Ars Technica Questions a Bits of the Apple Letter on iPhone 4 Issues / Apple Drops 10-Percent Restocking Fee for Returned iPhone 4s / Consumer Reports Stands Behind iPhone 4 / Apparent iTunes App Store Scam / IDC Numbers Show Nokia Losing Significant Ground in Western Europe / WSJ Says SK Telecom in Talks for iPad and iPhone / Net Applications Says iPad Beats Android Devices for Web Surfing in June / Nintendo Not Interested in iThings / NYT Says Apple TV is Next Big Project for Apple / Munster Makes the Case for Internet-Connect Television from Apple in 2 to 4 Years / Sony Drops Reader Costs in Ongoing eBook Price War / Study Says iPad and Kindle Slower than Books But More Enjoyable

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Mac OS Ken: 07.02.2010 JP Morgan Analyst Raises Apple target to 390-Dollars / Apple 3Q Earnings Call Set for July 20 / First Class Action Suit Over iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Filed Against Apple and A T and T / SAI Calls First iPhone 4 Lawsuit Absurd / Two Other Class-Action Suits Follow the First / AnandTech Says iPhone 4 a Tale of Two Antennae / Macworld Sees Color Oddities in Some Pictures Taken with iPhone 4 / Apple Issues New Profile to Solve Some Exchange ActiveSync Issues with iOS4 / China Unicom Angling for iPhone 4 for 4Q / HP Closes Palm Acquisition with Promise of webOS Slates and More Smartphones / Microsoft Kills Kin Phones 48 Days After Launch / T-Mobile Kills Sidekick Sales Effective July 2 / Amazon to Out Improved Kindle DX at Lower Cost / Apple Begins Book Sales Through Canadian iBookstore / iAds Start Rolling Out to iOS4 Enabled Devices / Disney Buys Tap Tap Revenge Developer Tapulous / BGR Trots Rumors of Cloud-Based iTunes Out Again / Apple Releases Snow Leopard Printer Driver Updates for Epson and HP / Jobs Indicates No Blu-ray in Sight for Mac Line
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Mac OS Ken: 07.01.2010 Bloomberg Trots Verizon iPhone Rumors Back Out / Oppenheimer Analyst Looks at Invisible Verizon iPhone / UBS Analyst Looks at Invisible Verizon iPhone / Apple Hiring a Bevy of Antenna Engineers for iThings / BGR Says Apple Not Giving People with iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Free Bumpers / New Droid X Print Ad Mocks iPhone 4 Antenna Issues / UK Almost Entirely Sold Out of iPhone 4 / Apple Updates MobileMe Galler App for iPhone and iPod Touch / Apple Ends Support for iOS 2-x Apps / Cisco Targets Business Market with Planned Cius Tablet / Cisco has No Plans for Smartphones of its Own / Cisco Has Plans for a WiFi Flip as Well as for FaceTime Video Chat / Canada Added to Starbucks Free WiFi Plans
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