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Mac OS Ken: 05.25.2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs to Keynote WWDC 2010 / Jobs Email Says WWDC Announcements Will Not Disappoint in Face of Android Updates / TBR Analyst Expects Surprises from WWDC Keynote (Despite Persistent Leaks) / Electronista Hears Renewed Rumors of Sprint iPhone in the Fall / KT of South Korea Passes 700k iPhones Sold in Six Months / Morgan Stanley Ups Apple Price Target to 310-Dollars / Rumors and Reports That iPhone 3Gs Are Playing Hard to Get / Wal-Mart Drops Price on 16GB iPhone 3GS to 97 Dollars / Tests Show Mobile Flash Plugin Slowing Froyo Build of Android / New International iPad Ship Dates Now Show as an Ambiguous - June - / Creative Director with Apple History Says New Mac Campaign is Probably Not a Campaign / Yankee Stadium Bans iPad

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