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Mac OS Ken: 05.21.2010

RBC Analyst Ups iPad Sales Estimate for 2010 / ChangeWave Looks at Trends in iPad Usage / Apple Now Taking Cash for iPad Sales / Netflix for iPad Update Brings Video Out Capability / Apple Reportedly Bringing International iPad App Stores Online / iTunes Increases Lead in US Music Sales in 2009 / Most People Playing Music on Cellphones Not Downloading Directly / Apple Sued for Selling Music Online / beta 4 of iPhone OS 4 Includes Ability to Edit User Dictionary / Apple Adds Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Reviews to iTunes Movies / Apple Testing Webmail beta for MobileMe / Apple Updates Several Facets of MobileMe / Next Android Update to Include WiFi Tethering / Google Says 100K Android Phones Activated Every Day / NVIDIA Talks Smack About iPad in Face of New Dual-Core Tegra 250 / Sony Exec Says Apple is Arrogant and Sony is Not Anymore / Clayton Runs for Office on The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe

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