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Mac OS Ken: 05.20.2010

Vietleaks Continue with Camerafied iPod touch Pics and Vid / China Leak Claims to Show White Faceplate for Next iPhone / Gartner Says Apple Number 7 Cellphone Maker Worldwide in 1Q / Gartner Says iPhone OS Plus Android OS Equal 25-percent of Smartphones Worldwide / Gartner Says Android Beats iPhone in 1Q in US / Apple Grabs 72-percent of Smartphone Sales in Japan in FY2009 / Devs Find AT and T tethering Screen in beta Four of iPhone OS 4 / AT and T CEO Note Worried About Mass Exodus to Eventual Verizon iPhone / Sprint Execs Covet iPhone and Diss Palm Pre / Apple Seeks to Trademark the Look and Feel of Apple Retail / CNET Looks at Final Cut Studio Rumors / Adobe Makes HTML5 Push in Dreamweaver Update / Illinois Institute of Technology to Give iPads to Incoming Freshmen / Britons Name iPhone Eighth Most Important Invention Ever

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