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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings a short shot of tech happenings to your day. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Mac OS Ken: 05.28.2010 Munster Says WWDC Keynote Likely a Non-Event for Investors / Boy Genius Report Hears Another iPhone in June Rumor/Report / Early Thursday Rumor That Ballmer to Speak at WWDC Jobsnote / Late Thursday Message From Microsoft That Ballmer Not Speaking at WWDC / JP Morgan Analysts See Big International Growth for Apple in Mid-Range PCs / Apple Calls Itself Saddened and Upset by String of Apparent Foxconn Suicides / HP and Dell to Support Apple Investigation of Foxconn Working Conditions / On Heels of PR Push Comes Another Suicide at Foxconn / Apple Opening Three New Retail Locations This Weekend / Three Becomes Fourth UK Carrier to Offer Data Plans for 3G iPad / SAI Looks at the Differences Between iPhones and iPads in Apps / Barnes and Noble Launches eReader App for iPad / Amazon CEO Not Interested in Making Kindle More Like iPad / NPD Data Puts Apple Further Ahead as Number One Music Seller in US / Apple Seeds New Build of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Apple Sued Over Use of iAd Term / NYT Says Apple Overtakes Microsoft = Consumers Overtake Business
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Mac OS Ken: 05.26.2010 NYT Says Justice Department Examining Apple Practices in Digital Music / iPad to Land at Currys and Dixons and PC World/Currys This Friday / International Apple Stores Opening Early Friday for iPad Launch / Sterne Agee Analyst Talks iPad and Fourth Gen iPhone Production / American Beauty Director Reportedly Working on Spots for New iPhone / Apple Pulls Option to Order 99-Dollar iPhone 3G from Online Store / AT and T Puts Hot Spot in Times Square to Help Offset Network Congestion / Apple Launches Back to School 2010 Promotion / Apple Ships Boot Camp Updates for Most Recent 13 Inch MacBook Pros / Apple Faces Class Action Suit From Genius Bar Workers / Chrome for Mac Leaves beta / Allard and Bach Bidding Adieu to Microsoft / Micorsoft MacBU Shuffled to Microsoft Business Division / Editor of The New Yorker Talks Digital Business Models and Not Taking Content Directives from Apple / Mercedes-Benz Tests iPad and Special App with Dealers
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Mac OS Ken: 05.25.2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs to Keynote WWDC 2010 / Jobs Email Says WWDC Announcements Will Not Disappoint in Face of Android Updates / TBR Analyst Expects Surprises from WWDC Keynote (Despite Persistent Leaks) / Electronista Hears Renewed Rumors of Sprint iPhone in the Fall / KT of South Korea Passes 700k iPhones Sold in Six Months / Morgan Stanley Ups Apple Price Target to 310-Dollars / Rumors and Reports That iPhone 3Gs Are Playing Hard to Get / Wal-Mart Drops Price on 16GB iPhone 3GS to 97 Dollars / Tests Show Mobile Flash Plugin Slowing Froyo Build of Android / New International iPad Ship Dates Now Show as an Ambiguous - June - / Creative Director with Apple History Says New Mac Campaign is Probably Not a Campaign / Yankee Stadium Bans iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 05.24.2010

Munster Says Apple May Miss Inflated iPad Sales Expectation for 3Q / FTC Gives Green Light to Google/AdMob Deal / AT and T to Nearly Double Early Termination Fees for Smartphones and Netbooks / WSJ Says Some Devs Abandon Flash in Apple/Adobe Battle / BGR Show Screenshots Purportedly of Video Call Debugging on Fourth Gen iPhone / More Shots of White Faceplate for Fourth Gen iPhone Emerge / Valve Says 11 Percent of Steam Downloads Currently for Mac / Apple Replaces Get a Mac with New Campaign

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Mac OS Ken: 05.21.2010

RBC Analyst Ups iPad Sales Estimate for 2010 / ChangeWave Looks at Trends in iPad Usage / Apple Now Taking Cash for iPad Sales / Netflix for iPad Update Brings Video Out Capability / Apple Reportedly Bringing International iPad App Stores Online / iTunes Increases Lead in US Music Sales in 2009 / Most People Playing Music on Cellphones Not Downloading Directly / Apple Sued for Selling Music Online / beta 4 of iPhone OS 4 Includes Ability to Edit User Dictionary / Apple Adds Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Reviews to iTunes Movies / Apple Testing Webmail beta for MobileMe / Apple Updates Several Facets of MobileMe / Next Android Update to Include WiFi Tethering / Google Says 100K Android Phones Activated Every Day / NVIDIA Talks Smack About iPad in Face of New Dual-Core Tegra 250 / Sony Exec Says Apple is Arrogant and Sony is Not Anymore / Clayton Runs for Office on The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe

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Mac OS Ken: 05.20.2010

Vietleaks Continue with Camerafied iPod touch Pics and Vid / China Leak Claims to Show White Faceplate for Next iPhone / Gartner Says Apple Number 7 Cellphone Maker Worldwide in 1Q / Gartner Says iPhone OS Plus Android OS Equal 25-percent of Smartphones Worldwide / Gartner Says Android Beats iPhone in 1Q in US / Apple Grabs 72-percent of Smartphone Sales in Japan in FY2009 / Devs Find AT and T tethering Screen in beta Four of iPhone OS 4 / AT and T CEO Note Worried About Mass Exodus to Eventual Verizon iPhone / Sprint Execs Covet iPhone and Diss Palm Pre / Apple Seeks to Trademark the Look and Feel of Apple Retail / CNET Looks at Final Cut Studio Rumors / Adobe Makes HTML5 Push in Dreamweaver Update / Illinois Institute of Technology to Give iPads to Incoming Freshmen / Britons Name iPhone Eighth Most Important Invention Ever

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Mac OS Ken: 05.14.2010 Wal-Mart Expects to Sell iPad Later This Year / International Shipping Date for New iPad Orders Now at June 7th / Intel CEO Says Tablets Will Not Take Netbook Market Share and Wants Intel Chips in Tablets / Hulu Exec Explains Lack of HTML5 Implementation . Apple Updates Pages for iPad with New Features and Fixes / Apple Updates Numbers and Keynote for iPad with New Features and Fixes / USITC Agrees to Investigate Apple Claims Against Kodak / Jobs Suggests Mac Developers Not Worry About Lack of ADA Award This Year / Adobe Ad Campaign Professes Love for Apple / Adobe Cofounders Pen Open Letter Back to Apple / Silicon Alley Insider Points Out Apparent Inconsistencies in New Adobe Offensive / Adobe Photoshop Exec Keeps Distrust of Apple Alive
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Mac OS Ken: 05.13.2010 Another iPhone Prototype Turns Up in the Wild / HTC Files Complaint Against Apple with USITC / TechCrunch Adds Color to HTC Suit Against Apple / Apple Sued Over Mobile Safari Implementation on iPhone and iPod touch / China Mobile Wants the iPhone and iPad / Consumer Reports Names Apple Retail Best Place to Buy a Cellphone / 3 and Vodafone Announce 3G Plans for iPad in Italy / Optus Announces Several 3G Plans for iPad in Australia / FTC Extends Look at Google/AdMob Deal Thanks to Apple iAd Plans / Rentzsch Pulls Plug on Independent Developer Conference C4 / Valve Opens Steam for the Mac
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Mac OS Ken: 05.12.2010

Wu Raises Mac and iPad Sales Expectations for 3Q / Upgrade Eligibility Shifts from November to June for Many AT and T Subscribers / TBR Analyst Says Apple Needs More iPhone Carriers in the States / Apple Defends Against NPD Assessment on iPhone Versus Android / Verizon Wireless CEO Says His Company and Google Working on a Tablet / Apple Addresses iPad WiFi Connectivity Issues (Again) / Vodafone Outs Data Plans for iPad in UK / Movistar in Spain Offers Data Sharing Between iPhone and iPad / San Mateo Judge to Hear Arguments For and Against Unsealing Gizmodogate Affidavit This Friday / Bloomberg Sources Say Apple CEO Back to Pre Health Problem Activity Levels

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Mac OS Ken: 05.11.2010 Engadget Says Original Apple/AT and T Deal for iPhone Called for 5 Year Exclusive / NPD Says Android Phones Overtake iPhone for Second Place in US Smartphones in 1Q / O2 Announces iPad Data Plans for UK / Rogers Offers Then Pulls Data Sharing Plan for iPad in Canada / Customers React to Rogering on the Rogers Wireless Blog / iPad in Japan Sim Locked to Softbank / Purported Jobs Email Says Printing Will Come for iPad / MDN RUMOR Has MobileMe Turning to Free Service / Minor Mix Up with Toy Story 3 Site for iPad
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Mac OS Ken: 05.10.2010 Apple Announces Details of iPad International Rollout / iBookstore Loosk Set for Most of iPad International Countries / Yahoo Sees 10 Percent of iPad Traffic Coming from Outside US / Orange Announces 3G Plans for iPad in UK and Europe / Barclays Analyst Sees Apple Firing on All Cylinders / Bernstein Analyst Sees 800M in iAd Revenue in FY2010 / WWDC 2010 Sell Out in Eight Days / IDC Data Shows Apple Number Three Smartphone maker in 1Q 2010 / Nokia Piles Another Lawsuit on Apple Over iPhone and iPad 3G / Judges Play Hackey Sack with Gizmodogate Hearing Request / Nintendo President Reportedly Deems Apple Enemy of the Future
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Mac OS Ken: 05.07.2010 BroadPoint AmTech Analyst Says No Verizon iPhone Until 1Q 2011 / BroadPoint AmTech Analyst Stresses He Was Speculating on 6 Month iPhone Exclusivity Extension / AT and T Beaten Up in Latest ChangeWave US Wireless Survey / Apple Scores Fourth in eTail Customer Satisfaction Survey / Spot Survey By Apple Insider Shows Apple Stores Out of 3G iPads / Time Warner CEO Says No Plans for HBO iPad App / Adobe CTO Says Apple Versus Adobe is About Business Not Tech Again / Former Labor Secretary Argues Against Theoretical FTC Probe of Apple / ARM Exec Slams Adobe Flash for Smartbook Delays / BGR Talks Computer to iPhone File Sharing and Multitasking Shutdown in iPhone OS 4 beta 3 / Mac Rumors Says Next iPhone Could Capture HD Video / Apple Seeds Second Build of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Warner Music CEO Praises Apple and iTunes Store and Jobs / Cupidtino - Dating Site for MacHeads to Launch Next Month
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This is not a daily edition of Mac OS Ken

This is not a daily edition of Mac OS Ken

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Mac OS Ken: 05.05.2010
Bloomberg Says Adobe Complaint Sparked DoJ and FTC Enquiry Talk / Murdoch Sings Praises of iPad on News Corp Earnings Call / Blogger Grabs 31GB of Data in Two Days Over iPad 3G to Test AT and T Unlimited Plan / Production Thought to Be Underway on Fourth Gen iPhone / beta 3 of iPhone OS 4 Shows New iPod and Orientation Lock Features / Engadget Says iPhone for China Gets WAPI Modification Approval / Apple Sued Over iPhone Again / Google Set to Start eBook Sales This Summer / Billboard Announces New Awards for Mobile Music Apps

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Mac OS Ken: 05.04.2010 Apple Announces One Million iPads Sold in 28 Days / iPad Apps Priced Higher On Average Than iPhone/iPod touch Apps / Wired Says One Million iPad Mark Bodes Well for App Development / UBS Analyst Looks at 3G iPad Sales / Silicon Alley Insider Sees One Billion Dollars in Revenue for iPad This Quarter / Gartenberg on One Million iPads and the Million Competitors to Follow / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at Expected ABC iPad App Update / ABC iPad App Updated to Allow 3G Video Streaming / NY Post Says Secret Source Says DoJ or FTC May Launch Inquiry into Cross Compilers and the App Store / WSJ Says Secret Source Says Apple Could Change Developer Agreement to Keep Authorities at Bay / Apple Releases Audio Update for Early 2009 Mac Pros / Apple Updates Epson Printer Drivers for Snow Leopard / IE Market Share Continues the Downward Spiral in April / Psystar Gets Extension in Appeal
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Mac OS Ken: 05.03.2010 Munster Guesses 300K iPad with 3G Sold by This Weekend / Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Released / iFixIt Examines Inside of 3G Enabled iPad / No 3G Skype Calls Allowed on iPad / A Look at App Performance and Restriction on iPad Over 3G Versus WiFi / NHL Launches Free Ice Time Playoffs Edition App for iPad / Apple to Shutter Music Service Lala at End of May / France and Ireland Get iTunes Movies / Microsoft IE Exec Kind of Backs Jobs Thoughts on Flash Sort of
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