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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings a short shot of tech happenings to your day. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Mac OS Ken: 04.29.2010 WWDC 2010 Announced for June 7 through June 11 / Rumor Says Next iPhone to Go on Sale During WWDC / DRAMeXchange Says Next iPhone Could Spur NAND Flash Shortage / Macworld Looks at Apple Design Awards Dropping Mac Category / TUAW Looks at Apple Design Awards Dropping Mac Category / Gawker Says Option to Sue San Mateo Authorities is on the Table / San Mateo Authorities Defend Raid at Casa de Chen / Chen Hires Criminal Defense Attorney / Apple Buys Voice Search Company Siri / HP to Buy Palm / HP Exec Says Company Will Double Down on webOS / HP Says It Plans to Take webOS to Multiple Connected Devices / Microsoft/HTC IP Deal Plays Kind of Like 3G Chess / 3G iPads to Hit Streets in the States Tomorrow / AT and T Outlines 3G Plans for iPad in US
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