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Mac OS Ken: 04.22.2010

Eight Firms Up Apple Targets After March Quarter Earnings Call / Broadpoint AmTech Up Apps Target on International iPhone Potential / UK Rumor Has Apple Eyeing Takeover of ARM / AT and T Activates 2-point-7 Million iPhones in 1Q / Wireless Grows While Traditional Business Shrinks for AT and T / Electronista Hears Hints of New iPhone on AT and T Conference Call / Still No Official Dates for WWDC 2010 / Adobe Abandons Future Flash CS5 to iPhone/iPod/iPad Plans / Adobe Employee Heralds Flash as Platform Agnostic Open Goodness / Apple Says Flash is Proprietary While iPhone Development is Open / Network World Profiles iPad Use in California Healthcare System / Apple Reportedly Surveying iPad Owners on Usage of the Device / Apple Updates Final Cut Server with a Couple of Fixes

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