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Mac OS Ken: 04.20.2010

Daring Fireball Says Fourth Gen iPhone Pics Are More Than Likely Legit / AP Story Says Gawker Media Paid 5K for Fourth Gen iPhone / Gizmodo IDs Apple Employee Who Lost the Fourth Gen iPhone / iLounge Lays Out the Alleged Fourth Gen iPhone Hardware / Glass Back for Alleged Fourth Gen iPhone Brings Back 2006 Ceramic Enclosure Patent / Alleged Fourth Gen iPhone Appears to Have Been Remote Wiped by Apple / Fortune Eyes Apple Stock Going Into the Apple 2Q Earnings Call / Kaufman Bros Analyst Ups Apple Target to 305 Dollars / Catch the 2Q 2010 Apple Earnings Call on the Apple Website at 2 pm PDT (5 pm EDT) / Apple Beats Google as Most Valuable Company in Silicon Valley / New 3G iPad Orders Now Shipping May 7th in US (Old Orders Still Shipping by End of April) / Apple Initiates Replacement Program for 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle Headphones / Apple Sued by SF Resident Over Liquid Sensors in iPhone / Apple Countersues and Files ITC Complaint Against Kodak / PA School System MacBook Spying Case Ramps Up Huge / Reports Say AT and T Fails iPhone Users at Coachella Music Festival / All Things D Says RadioShack Dropping Palm Pre and Pixi / Sprint Confirms RadioShack Ditching Palm Pre and Palm Pixi / NHL Launches Official NHL App (Late in the Season But Free)

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