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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Mac OS Ken: 03.25.2010 Barclays Analyst Sees Apple Gear Firing on All Cylinders / Needham and Company Sees Unexpected Success for iPad in Business / Instapaper Dev and PC World Say iPad Apps May Not Be Perfect on Day 1 / Mobile Advertisers Retooling for iPad / FT Looks at Random House and the iBookstore / NYT Previews Upcoming Dance of iPad Booksellers / iPhone 3GS Hits India Tomorrow / China Unicom Not Helped Significantly by iPhone / Rogers/Fido Finalizes Tethering Plans for Smartphones Including iPhone / All Things D Eyes Potential Smartphone Patent Problem for Apple and Others / Microsoft Releases Messenger for Mac 8 beta with AV Features
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