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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings a short shot of tech happenings to your day. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Mac OS Ken: 03.31.2010 Bernstein Analyst Sees 300k to 400k iPads Shipped in First Two Days / Elan Microelectronics Petitions ITC to Stop Apple from Selling Multi-touch Devices / iPad SDK Goes Golden Master / Apple Outs iTunes Update Well Ahead of iPad / Morgan Keegan Analyst Does Not See Verizon iPhone Soon / Credit Suisse Does Not See Verizon iPhone Soon / UBS Deso Not See Verizon iPhone Soon (Though it Does Talk New iPhones) / WSJ Did Not Indicate iPhone on Verizon Wireless Soon Either / Daring Fireball Lists Things WSJ Did Not Without Saying Exactly Why / Apple Wins Patents Related to Accelerometers and Podcasts / Apple Wins Patent for Steel Bezel on iPhone / Munster Sees Apple Search Engine in Next 5 Years / iPod Co-inventor Fadell Ends Association with Apple / Valve Software Looks for Steam for Mac beta Testers at / Dateline Scoopertino - Fake News Site Grows Up Around Cupertino Company
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Mac OS Ken: 03.30.2010 Apple Reiterates Availability of iPad This Saturday / Apple Posts iPad Guided Tour Video Online / Morgan Stanley Analyst Super High on iPad / Apple Releases Snow Leopard Client and Server Updates to Consumers / Snow Leopard and Leopard Security Updates Attack 69 Vulnerabilities / MacRumors Source Outlines Changes for iTunes Expected This Saturday / WSJ Says Verizon Compatible iPhone in the Works this Year / Korea Reportedly Looking for Smartphone Search Engine Changes / Fake Steve Jobs TV Show Hits Legal Snags Not from Steve Jobs
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Mac OS Ken: 03.29.2010 Credit Suisse Ups Apple Target on Macs and iPod and iPhones and iPads / Apple Sanity Says iPad Orders Stay Strong for Second Week / New iPad Orders Shipping for April 12 Delivery / Best Buys with Mini Apple Stores Set to Sell iPads This Saturday / Fujitsu Frontech Transfers iPad Trademark to Apple / iPhone Jailbreaker Says New Hack Should Work on iPad Too / Apple Taking Orders for iPad/Camera Connection Kit / NPD Looks at Customers Looking at iPad / Gutenberg Project Books May End Up in iBookstore / Vodafone Essar Selling iPhone 3GS in India as of Last Friday / AP Says Apple Steps Up Hiring for North Carolina Data Center / Apple Hiring for 4G Cellular Technology Software Manager / Apple Execs Sell Stock to the Tune of 194 Million Dollars / Barrons List Names Apple CEO One of 30 Most Respected in the World / Apple CEO and Google CEO Meet for Very Public Coffee
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Mac OS Ken: 03.26.2010 BMO Capital Analyst Ups Apple Target on Mac and iPhone and iPad Expectations / CBS Appears to Be Gearing Up Streaming for the iPad / Kobo Intros Physical eReader and Announces Plans for iPad Apps / WSJ Examines Apple Board After Passing of Jerome York / Apple Issues Final Cut Studio Fixes with Pro Applications Update 2010-01 / Apple Updates Aperture with Stability Foxes and iPad Compatibility / Apple Update iMovie with Aperture Compatibility / Apple Seeds Another Snow Leopard Update beta to Developers / Almost Everything Pwned2Own at CanSecWest / Miller Says He Will Show Apple How to Find Pwn2Own Bugs Not Reveal Them
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Mac OS Ken: 03.25.2010 Barclays Analyst Sees Apple Gear Firing on All Cylinders / Needham and Company Sees Unexpected Success for iPad in Business / Instapaper Dev and PC World Say iPad Apps May Not Be Perfect on Day 1 / Mobile Advertisers Retooling for iPad / FT Looks at Random House and the iBookstore / NYT Previews Upcoming Dance of iPad Booksellers / iPhone 3GS Hits India Tomorrow / China Unicom Not Helped Significantly by iPhone / Rogers/Fido Finalizes Tethering Plans for Smartphones Including iPhone / All Things D Eyes Potential Smartphone Patent Problem for Apple and Others / Microsoft Releases Messenger for Mac 8 beta with AV Features
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Mac OS Ken: 03.24.2010 Apple and 21 Other Companies Sued Over Mobile Processor Patents / ComScore Survey Finds Potential iPad Buyers Steering Clear of Apps / Apple Signs Workman Publishing Company to iBookstore / Unnamed Sources Say Samsung Gets 3 Million iPad Display Order / Unnamed Exec Says Samsung Supplying LCDs for Next iPhone / Apple Selling iPhones in the States Without AT and T Contract / Opera Submits Opera Mobile for iPhone to App Store for Approval / Yahoo Adds Two New Search Apps to App Store / JustinTV Viewer Finally Hits the App Store / Apple to Open New UK Store in Bath This Weekend / Munster Wants Apple to Build a Real HDTV / Adobe to Unveil CS5 in Mid-April and Ship in Mid-May / Adobe Exec Urges CS Owners Along Upgrade Path Ahead of CS5 / Cornell Study of Flickr Shows Apple 5th Ave Store Fifth Most Photographed Site in NYC
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Mac OS Ken: 03.23.2010 Morgan Stanley Analyst is STOKED About Apple Stores in China / Charlie Miller Claims 20 Preview/Safari Flaws Headed Into CanSecWest / Apple Signs Independent Book Distributor Perseus to iBookstore / Apple Buys Ads to Promote App Store Facebook Page / Sprint Puts iPhone to Confusing Use in New Ad / Palm Pixi And Pre Headed to AT and T in Coming Months / Canalys Sees Huge Growth for Android in 2010 / Apple Adds Gifting Option to App Store / Apple Changes iTunes TOS to Cover App Gifting / UK Apple Reseller Computer Warehouse Has a Day / Apple Updates UK Site with UK Content for iPad Pages
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Mac OS Ken: 03.22.2010 WSJ Piece Sort of Sounds Alarm Over Content Deals and iPad / Apple Outlines iPad App Submission Process / Apple Promoting Scholastic Discounts for iPad 10 Packs / Apple Requiring Secret Rooms for iPad Testing / NYT Says iPodMeister Will Trade iPads for CDs or DVDs / Apple Seeds Two Snow Leopard Update betas in One Week / Apple Issues Update for Logic Pro 9 / Bharti Airtel to Finally Bring iPhone 3GS to India / Microsoft Bing App Pulled from All but US App Store / Jobs Joins CA Gov to Promote State Organ Transplant Legislation

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Mac OS Ken: 03.19.2010

Apple Mourns Passing of Board Member Jerry York / HTC Disagrees with Apple Suing HTC / China Mobile Wants to Sell the iPhone and the iPad / Financial Times Says T Mobile USA Wants to Sell the iPhone / Nexus One to See Support from All Four Major US Carriers / Amazon Kindle for Mac App beta Released / NYT Says Google and Sony and Intel Team for Google TV Platform / Universal Music to Drop the Price of Most Physical CDs / I Found a 69 Cent Song on iTunes / Apple Reworks Site for In Store Event Offerings for Kids / Rupert Murdoch Says the World is Flat and Round and Moving in All Directions at Once

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Mac OS Ken: 03.18.2010

Caris and Company Sees a Quarter of 2010 Desktop Growth Going to the iMac / Enterprise Desktop Alliance Finds Macs Cheaper to Deploy Than Windows Machines (Again) / New Snow Leopard Printer Drivers Out for Samsung and Brother Printers / Apple Ships New Snow Leopard Update beta to Developers / Apple Seeds Fifth iPad SDK beat to Developers / iTunes Connect Lets Developers Schedule Price Changes for Apps / Apple Updates beta / AT and T Emails SF Customers to Say Its Network Is Better / Google Offers AT and T and Rogers Compatible Nexus One / Magazine Trade Body Loosens Rules for eSubscriptions / Bill Clinton Worries Over Fate of Newspapers and Loves His iPhone / WSJ and NPR Working on Sites Without Flash for iPad / iLounge Says Apple to Stop Selling Protective Film Covers for iThings / Sweaty iPod Shuffle Owner Files Class Action Suit Against Apple / Borat Director and Fake Steve Jobs Team for Silicon Valley Comedy

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