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Jul 31, 2023

- Bernstein Moves Apple Target Up $20, Maintains “Hold” Rating

- Counterpoint: iPhone Grows US Share Even as Shipments Slip

- Wedbush: China May Lift iPhone Sales into Positive for June-Quarter

- BofA Moves Apple Target Up $20, Maintains “Neutral” Rating

- Goldman Sachs Stays Bullish on AAPL Ahead of 3Q Earnings

- Morgan Stanley Sees Super Strength for Apple Shares After Q3 Earnings

- Report: Apple Vision Pro Opens Funding Opportunities for AR/VR/XR Firms

- Apple Releases OS Updates With Serious Security Fixes

- Apple Releases Developer Betas of Next Big OS Updates

- Apple Releases Second visionOS Developer Beta, Opens Vision Pro Dev Kit Applications

- Privacy Rules Around Vision Pro Developer Kit Are No Joke

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