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Mac OS Ken: 09.01.2010

Apple to Stream September 1 Event to Snow Leopard Macs and iThings / Silicon Alley Insider Does Short Summation on Apple Event Streaming / Apple Insider Says Apple will Not Kill iPod Shuffle / Bloomberg Says New Apple TV at Wednesday Event / LA Times Looks at News Corp. and 99-cent TV Show Rentals / Amazon Said to Be Pitching Online Subscription Video Service of its Own / Telcel Exec Says Reworked iPhone 4 Due By End of September to Fix Antenna Issue / Apple and Nintendo Sued for Using Accelerometers and Compasses in Handheld Devices / AutoDesk to Bring AutoCAD Back to the Mac Next Month / Palm Seeding webOS 2.0 SDK to Select Developers / Staples to Sell Amazon Kindle Beginning This Fall / Borders Takes eReaders Under 100-Dollars / Mac OS Ken: Live Hits the Yerba Buena Event Tonight at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

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