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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2010

Wu Makes the Case for More iPhone Carriers in the States / Needham and Company Analyst Tracks Mac Growth in Government and Business in the US and Homes in Europe / iPad Shipping Delay Drops Again / Best Buy Plans to Beef Up Tablet Selection Heading into the Holidays / Acer Chairman Says He Expects iPad to Fall to 20 to 30 Percent Tablet Market Share Soon / News Corp Believed to be Staffing Up Its Tablet-Based News Operation / Apple Patent Describes Dual OS iMac with Touchscreen / Apple Patents Easily Blown Out of Proportion Security Tech for Mobile Devices / Engadget Says Developer Kit for Windows Phone 7 Should Be FInalized in Mid-September / Microsoft Says WinPhone 7 Developer Tools Downloaded Over 300k Times So Far / Opposition to Demolition of Jackling House Apparently Withdrawn

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