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Mac OS Ken: 06.29.2010 ​Apple announces 1.7 Million iPhone 4s Sold in First Three Days / Deutsche Bank Note Praises iPhone 4 and iTunes App Store / UBS Analyst Ups iPhone Sales Expectation to 8 Million in June Quarter and Nearly 10 Million in September Quarter / iSuppli Figures Parts Cost on iPhone 4 at 188-Dollars / Jobs Says Canada Launch of iPhone 4 Will Not Be Delayed / Apple Support Forums Indicate Problems with Some iPhone 4 Proximity Sensors / Firm Says Chrome Beats Safari in the States for the First Time Last Week / Amazon Intros Kindle Edtion A/VBooks for iThings Only / Kindle A/VBooks May Be Less About  Books and More About iBookstore / Apple Opening Second Paris Store This Weekend / Foxconn Hires Two Firms to Manage Worker Dorms in Shenzhen / Research In Motion Sees Decline in Every Country Except the US / A T and T Says Upgrades to NYC 3G Network Complete / Clayton Morris Fights Crime with iPhone 4 / Join Me on Ustream Tomorrow Night at 8PM EDT for Mac OS Ken - Live
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