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Mac OS Ken: 12.30.2013

Topsy Twitter Evidence Points to iPad Christmas

Flurry: Christmas Day iPad Activations Up Over 2x; Kindles Up 24x

Some San Diego Target Stores See School Supplies Sold in iPod Boxes

Amazon Adds 1-Million New Prime Members in Third-Week of December

Nokia Pulls HERE Maps from iOS App Store

OWC Teardown Indicates Aspects of Mac Pro Are User Upgradable

FutureLooks: Replicating Mac Pro as PC Costs $2,000 More

Chromebooks Lay Waste to Everything Else in Small Sliver of Small Sliver of Survey

Turkey Eyes iPad for National Education Push

Trouble for Turkish PM Could Jeopardize iPad Deal

Apple Asks Shareholders to Vote Against Board Committee on Human Rights; Icahn-Backed Return of Capital

Dow Jones: Google Most “Talked About” Company in 2013

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