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Mac OS Ken: 12.30.2011

BMO Capital Analyst Raises Price Target on Stronger Than Expected iPhone Sales / Apple Hits New Personal Best in ForeSee Online Customer Satisfaction Survey / iPad to See Big Buys by Small and Medium Business in 2012 / Milwaukee Zoo Orangutans Using iPads / Rumor of New Intel Chip Releases Point to New Macs in the Spring / DigiTimes Jumps the Shark; Calls for Multiple iPad Announcements at Macworld|iWorld / Business Insider Seriously Doubts Most of DigiTimes iPad Story / The Loop: Sources Say No iPad 3 or Apple TV at Macworld/iWorld or CES / DigiTimes Says Apple Reducing iPad 2 Orders Ahead of iPad 3 / Apple Hiring iCloud Application Developer / Stanford Holds (and Hides) Largest Collection of Apple Artifacts in the World / WSJ: Eight of Top Ten Corporate Stories of 2011 Involved Apple, Jobs, or Both / Amazon Says It Sold Enough Copies of Steve Jobs Bio to Create a Stack Taller than Mt. Everest (No Plans to Do So) / Find My iPad Thwarts Christmas Gift Thief

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