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Mac OS Ken: 12.16.2010

ChangeWave Survey Says 78-Percent of Businesses Planning to Buy Tablets in Q1 2011 Plan to Buy iPads / Best Buy Drops Dell Streak Price to 100-Dollar with Two-Year Contract / T-Mobile Drops Prices of Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy Tab / Munster Buys the Idea of a Verizon iPhone in 1Q CY2011 / CNET Takes a Look at Munster and His Take on Verizon iPhones / Reports Say Apple in Fifth in Cellphones in Japan / Report Says iAds to Debut in Europe Next Week / Apple Issues iTunes Update to Address Crashing and Syncing Issues / Apple Insider Says Some Users Having Problems with iTunes Update Downloaded Through Software Update Utility / Apple Updates iBooks App for iThings / NYT Says Over 100 Illustrated Books Added to iBookstore Along with iBooks Update / Apple Issues Snow Leopard Driver Updates for Some Canon, FujiXerox, and Lexmark Printers / Apple Updates 27-inch LED Cinema Display Firmware / Canadian Ministry Formally Approves iBookstore Canada Paving the Way for More Homegrown Content

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