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Mac OS Ken: 12.13.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code MACOSKEN (all caps) at / Piper Jaffray Analyst: Mac Sales Up 13-Percent for First Two-Months of Current Quarter / Intel Lowers Q4 Guidance Due to HDD Shortage / J.P. Morgan Analyst: First Round of Ultrabooks Will Not Damage the MacBook Air / Apple Says Over 100-Thousand Apps Downloaded Through Mac App Store in Less Than a Year / Fortune Wonders Over iPad Sales and DigiTimes / Web Tracker Shows iOS Devices Owning the Mobile Web Experience in the Middle East/North Africa Region / Apple Issues Second beta of iOS 5.1 as Well as Updated Apple TV and Xcode betas / Report: Apple Adds Dummy Hardware References to iOS 5.1 beta 2 / Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update to v10.5.2 / Apple Issues Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update to Deal with Fan Noise / Apple Expands iTunes Store Offerings Across Most of Latin America / WSJ: Secret Sources Say Apple is Tweaking iAd to Regain Lost Mobile Advertising Market Share / Report: FBI Declines Disclosing Information Related to Carrier IQ / Amazon Reaffirms Steve Jobs Bio as Best Selling Book of 2011 (Physical and Kindle Editions) / Apple Pulls Fake Driver’s License App After Two-Years on App Store

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