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Mac OS Ken: 12.08.2011

USDoJ Investigating Apple, Publishers, and eBooks / Evercore Analyst Says Kindle Fire will “Vaporize” non-iPad Tablets / AT&T Expects Record Quarter for Smartphone Sales; Talks Up iPhone 4S / UBS Analyst Stoked for iPhone Sales After AT&T Statement / Shaw Wu Raises iPhone and Mac Sales Expectations for the Quarter; Lowers iPad / Wu Blames Amazon Kindle Fire and MacBook Air for Reduction in iPad Expectations / Intego: DevilRobber Trojan-Variant Now Infecting Macs Via Pirated Copies of Writer’s Cafe, EvoCam, and Twitteriffic / Apple Launches 12 Days of Christmas App for UK, Canada, and Parts of Europe / Wedge Partner Analyst Thinks Apple May Build TV into iMacs on the Way to an Apple TV Set / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple TV in Canada (and Maybe Australia) Now Selling TV Episodes / Google Chairman Says Google TV will Dictate TV Landscape by Next Summer / Flipboard Launches for iPhone and iPod touch; Buckles Under the Strain / Microsoft Releases My Xbox Live App for iThings / Media Gets Sneak Peek at Grand Central Terminal Apple Store

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