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Mac OS Ken: 12.06.2011

Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Carrier IQ Named in New Lawsuit / Senator Franken Asks Carrier IQ Questions of Sprint, AT&T, HTC, and Samsung / JP Morgan Analysts Meet with Apple Execs, Walk Away Excited / Sprint Shooting for Second-Half 2012 Launch for LTE-Phones; Pleased with iPhone / JP Morgan: Verizon Likely Biggest Winner from iPhone 4S Among US Carriers / GigaOm: US Cellular Holding Out for a 4G-LTE iPhone / Smarthouse: Secret Sources Say Apple Plans Three Televisions by the End of 2012 / Fortune: Rumor Has Apple Considering New Data Center in Oregon / New Lion beta May or May Not Point to New Mac Pro / Electronista: Garnet Digital Targets Anyone who Has Anything to Do with Smartphones in Trollish Patent Infringement Suit / USITC Pushes HTC Apple-Patent Infringement Ruling Back to 14 December / Apple Grand Central Store Operations Seem Timed for Commuters / Early Bird Pricing to Macworld|iWorld Ends Monday, December 12 / Get more info on Macworld/iWorld at / Computer History Museum Launches Online Steve Jobs Exhibit

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