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Mac OS Ken: 12.03.2013

Walmart: 1.4 Million Tablets Sold On Thanksgiving; iPad mini a Top Seller

Target Shoppers Target iPad on Black Friday

InfoScout: A Large Percentage of Mobile iPad Purchases Made Through Android Smartphones on Black Friday

Deutsche Bank Eyes Apple After Black Friday

Apple Analysts Stoked Over Black Friday Sales Indications

Mobile Site Builder Says Mobile Sites Were Big Winners on Black Friday

Consumer Cellular Surprises; Picks Up iPhone

Katnar Estimates Half of iPhone 5c Buyers Through October were Android Switchers

Kantar: iPhone 5s Outselling iPhone 5c 3-to-1 in UK

Apple Buys Twitter Analytics Firm Topsy

Yahoo! Buys Natural Language Processing Startup SkyPhrase

FTC and DoJ Say A-Okay to Microsoft Acquisition of Nokia

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