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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2013

Report Says Foxconn Cutting iPhone 5c Production (But That Report is From DigiTimes, So...)

Wait Times on iPhone 5s Down to 3-5 Days in the States

BestBuy and Sprint Tie-Up on Free Year of Service Promotion

Anandtech Says Retina iPad mini Has Shows Limited Color Gamut

Appeals Court Sends Apple Request for Injunction Against Samsung Products Back to Judge Koh for Reconsideration

Apple/Samsung Damages Retrial Goes to Jury Today

Apple Seed First beta of iOS 7.1 for iThings to Developers

Apple Seed First beta of iOS 7.1 for Apple TV to Developers

Apple Announces Annual iTunes Connect Closure from 21-27 December

SaneBox: Bring Sanity to Your Inbox with a 2-Week Free Trial at

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