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Mac OS Ken: 11.12.2010

ZDNet Looks at the Issue Around 10.6.5 and AirPrint / Jobs Says AirPrint Not Pulled from Nascent iOS Update / The Ars Technica Take on AirPrint and 10.6.5 / Security Update for Leopard Patches CFF Vulnerability / Ping Activity Integrated into Twitter / Apple Launches iTunes Movies in Japan / Apple Expands International Availability of Apple TV / Apple Hiring Seven Mac App Store Application Reviewers / Steve Jobs Calls App Developer Over Private APIs / NYT to Start eBook Best Seller Lists in Early 2011 / Electronista Says There Are Plenty of Windows Phone 7 Phone to be Had / Computerworld Says Supplies of Windows Phone 7 Phones Are Tight / Verizon Set to Reintroduce Kin One and Kin Two with Less Service / Auction House Expects 240,000-Dollars for Apple-1 Computer

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