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Oct 7, 2021

- Morgan Stanley Analyst Wowed by September App Store Strength

- Barron’s Eyes Analysts Eyeing iPhone

- Developers Get a New Round of Betas

- iOS 15.1 Enables Disabling Auto-Macro Mode

- Apple Clarifies New “Report a Problem” Parameters

- Apple Reminds Developers About Approaching Account Deletion Requirement

- Apple Turns on End-to-End Encryption for Safari Bookmarks in iCloud

- iMore Sees Signs of Life for Legacy Contacts

- Latest AirPods Pro Firmware Brings “Conversation Boost”

- Report: EC Wants Apple to Open NFC in iPhone

- One Lawsuit Kicks Potential Hornets Nest in China

- Apple TV+ Animated Feature “Wolfwalkers” Headed to Blu-ray

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