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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2010

DoJ Settles Big-Tech Anti-Poaching Case . EU Ends iPhone and App Store Investigations / Munster Ups Sales Estimates for iPad in 2011 / Target to Start Sales of iPad This Sunday / Canacord Genuity Analyst Sees Apple Owning Tabelts Through 2011 / RIM Announces PlayBook iPad Competitor for 2011 Launch / Amazon Says It Will Have a Kindle App for the RIM PlayBook / RIM Launches BlackBerry Advertising Service / IDC Says iAd Now Ties GoogMob for First in Mobile Advertising / IDG Looks at iPhone 4 Launch in China / iPhone 4 Demand Outstrips Supply in China / No FaceTime for iPhone 4 in UAE and Qatar / iPhone Tops JD Powers Satisfaction Survey for Fourth Year in a Row / Verizon CEO Talks iPhone for 4G with No Mention of CDMA / RBC Analyst Says Apple and Verizon May Not Need Each Other (for Now) / Apple Reportedly Shipping Pre-Ordered Apple TVs / Apple Tweaks Ping and Fixes Bugs with iTunes Update / Apple Opens New Store in Spokane / Microsoft Sends Invites to Likely Windows Phone System 7 System Phone Event on October 11 / Pew Says Apple Grabs Most Press in Tech

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