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Mac OS Ken: 09.26.2013

New iPhones Hitting North American Regional Carriers on 1 October

IDC Expects iPhone Share to Double in China in 2014

Apple Wins Right to Call an iPhone and iPhone in Brazil

Apple Announces New Round of Developer Tech Talks

Apple Under a Pile of Investigations in France

Sonny Dickson Shoots Alleged “Space Grey” Next-Gen iPad Casing

LA Schools iPad Initiative Halted by Student Initiative

Apple Opening New Stores in U.S. and Canada on 28 September 

Fortune: Mr. Munster and the iPhone Line

Business Insider: Munster Expects Apple Television Announcement This Year, Release Next Year

Cue Cues Up Internal iTunes Section for Apple Employees by Apple Employees

Samsung Announces GalaxyS4 Gold Edition. Seriously.

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