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Mac OS Ken: 09.22.2011

All Things D: Sources Say 4 October for Apple iPhone Event / The Loop: What All Things D Said / Al Gore Either Says “New iPhone’s Coming Out Next Month” or “New iPhones Coming Out Next Month” / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees One New iPhone (4S) Only / Bloomberg: Multiple Analysts Show Apple Lots of Love / Sprint CEO Does Nothing to Slow Talk of a Sprint iPhone / Streetspace Sues Apple, Google, and Others for Alleged Patent Violation / Apple Says FaceTime and iOS Meet US Medical Privacy Regulations / Apple Gives Over 9-Thousand Donated iPads to Teach for America / The AP Starts Tracking Top Free and Paid iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad / Bloomberg: HP Board Considers Ousting CEO / WSJ: HP Board Fails to Settle on CEO Replacement (via CNET)

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