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Mac OS Ken: 09.17.2010

TBR Says Tablets will Form Third Computing Category and Replace Second Computer for Consumers / iPad Goes on Sale in China and Latin America Friday 17 September / ABC App Syncs With Live TV / Samsung Says iPad Competitor Galaxy Tab to be Sold by Big-Four US Wireless Carriers / Samsung Announces Media Hub for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phones / Motorola Co-CEO Talks Tablets and the Digital Living Room / Latest iProd Designation Actually New Apple TV / Google Reportedly Hires Netflix Exec for Google TV Content Deals / A T and T Promises 4G LTE Rollout by Mid-2011 / RIM Sees Higher BlackBerry Sales While New Subscriber Growth Slows / LG Electronics CEO Resigns Amid Falling Handset Sales / Verizon Will Not Sell Windows Phone System 7 System Phones in 2010 / Yahoo CEO Says iAd Platform Doomed to Failure

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