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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2015

Circle 9 September for Possible Apple Event

Bloomberg: Wherefore the Subscription Service Stall

The A9 Processor: To Know We Do Not Know...

Stronger Aluminium to Head Off New Round of Bendgate

Apple Replacing Faulty iSight Cameras in Certain iPhone 6 Pluses

Gartner: iPhone Growth Continues While Samsung Sales Slide

Ofcom Says Samsung for Oldsters in UK

Appsee Spots Possible “iPad Pro” in Activity Logs

Ming-Chi Kuo Expects “iPad Pro” with ForceTouch Stylus by End of Year

DigiTimes Says Kuo iPad Pro Schedule Spot On

Apple Expands Third-Party Partnerships for Apple Watch

Fossil Getting Into Smartwatch Game

Swatch Gets European Trademark for Phrase “Think Different”

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