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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2011

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Sprint to Start Selling Next iPhone in October / Munster: Sprint Could Sell 6-Million iPhones in First Year (Assuming it Gets the iPhone) / Apple Insider: Secret Sources Say Ads for Next iPhone Will Not Be Completed Until First Week in October / Fortune Sees “iCloud iPhone” Where One May Not Be / TBR Analysts Says Cheap iPhone 4 Will Be Standard Move for Apple and Not an iCloud iPhone / China Telecom Hints at iPhone Talks / iTunes Streaming Upcoming RHCP Album for Free / Lion in Mac App Store Finally Makes it to v.10.7.1 / Apple Releases Updated Drivers for Epson Printers / France, North Carolina, and Arkansas to Get New Apple Stores This Weekend / Google Makes Tools for Making Android Apps for Google TV (Now All They Need Are Interested Developers and a User Base) / Samsung Uses 2001: A Space Odyssey as Defense Against iThing “Look and Feel” Lawsuit

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