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Mac OS Ken: 08.19.2011

Holy Crapping Crap! HP Stops webOS Operations, Mulls Spinning-Off Computer Business, and Wants to Buy Another Company / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst: Super-Thin Profit Margins Make HP PC Spin-Off Make Sense / HP CEO: “The Tablet Effect is Real” / DisplaySearch: Apple Beats HP in Mobile PC Sales in June Quarter (Counting iPads as Mobile PCs) / HP Taking a 100-Million-Dollar Charge Tied to Poor TouchPad Sales / China Mobile Says It’s Met Several Times with Steve Jobs to Talk China Mobile-Specific iPhone / Chinese Suits Charge Apple with Selling Refurbished iPhone 4s as New / Apple Sued for Allegedly Violating Patent with Disk Utility / Computerworld Netherlands: Apple Looks to Decimate Samsung Galaxy Product Lines in EU / Motorola Mobility Shareholder Sues Motoroogle for Low Price of Acquisition / Best Buy Promo Gives Away Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Select 3D TVs / LG, Sony, Philips, and Hitachi All See Trouble in TV Space / Reader’s Digest Hops on the iPad In-App Subscription Train

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