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Mac OS Ken: 08.17.2011

Apple Insider: Analysts Don’t See Much Danger for Apple in Google/Motorola Mobility Deal / Jefferies and Co. Analyst Says Apple May Go Patent Shopping in Wake of Google/Motorola Mobility Deal / Orange Exec Likes Potential for Google/Motorola Mobility to Give Chase to iPhone (Which is Sold by Orange) / Verizon Exec Hopes Goolge/Moto Deal will End Patentgeddon / UBS Analyst: Back-to-School Sales Going Well for Macs and iPads / All Things D: Best Buy Would Like to Return 200k TouchPads to HP / Lion on USB Drive Now Available Through Apple’s Site / Apple Ships First Update for Lion / German Court Reverses EU-Wide Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Suspension (Except in Germany) / HTC Files (Another) Patent Infringement Suit Against Apple / Apple Opening Stores in Berkeley, the UK, and Spain This Weekend / Engadget Hears Rumor of 4G LTE Equipment Installed in at Least One Apple Store / Purported Parts of Next iPhone Point to White AND Black Models (!!!) / Electronista: Secret Sources Say iPhone to Consumer on October 7 or October 14 / Starbucks Giving Away “Shazam Encore” iPhone App in “Pick of the Week” Promotion / Isaacson: Change In Pub-Date for Jobs Biography Has Nothing to Do with Jobs’ Health

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