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Mac OS Ken: 08.16.2011

Google Agrees to Buy Motorola Mobility for 12.5-Billion-Dollars / Google Chief Legal Officer: Motorola Mobility Suits Against Apple will Continue / Google CEO: Stoked About Motorola Mobility’s Handset Business But Will Keep Android Open / CNET: Google Buy of Motorola Mobility Could Cause Tension with Other Android Partners / The Loop: Google Plus Motorola Mobility Could Equal Good Time for HP to License webOS / Motorola Mobility Acquisition Could Be Shot-in-the-Arm for Google TV / CNET: Google Buy of Motorola Mobility Likely to Face Regulatory Scrutiny / GigaOm: Sources Say Microsoft Was Courting Motorola Mobility Too / Engadget: Secret Source Says Telefonica Drawing Down iPhone 4 Inventory Through 12 September / Electronista: Rumored Verizon Promotion Could Indicate October Launch for Next iPhone / BGR Says Apple Carrier Partners Testing Some iOS Device with 4G Connectivity / eBay Auction of Alleged 3G-MacBook Prototype Gets Yanked / DigiTimes: Secret Supply-Chain Sources Say iPad 3 Nixed for Second Half of 2012 / Computerworld Netherlands: German Court May Not Have Gotten Full Picture in Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Case / Barnes and Noble Says Official Jobs Biography Due Out on 21 November / Work Appears to Be Underway on Apple Grand Central Terminal Store / Most Flagrant Fake “Apple Store” in Kunming Changes Name to “Smart Store”

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