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Mac OS Ken: 08.08.2011

Needham and Co Analyst Ups Apple Target to 540-Dollars / Apple Insider: Apple Ships Updated betas of iOS 5, Apple TV Software, Xcode 4.2, and iTunes to Developers / Conflicting Reports on Apple Nixing iOS 5 betas on Non-Developer Devices / Revived Rogers Data Plan Could Signal September for Next iPhone / Mobile Ad Firm Finds Blue/Grey Division Between iOS/Android Phones / UK Regulator Ofcom Sees Adults Preferring iPhones While Teens Prefer BlackBerries / FBI Launches Child ID App for iPhone / RightNow Seeks to Have Lodsys Patents Invalidated / Acer Founder Sort of Calls Tablets and Ultrabooks “Fads” / Ultrabook Manufacturers Forced to Use Alternate Materials as MacBook Air Eats All the Magnesium-Aluminum / Epic Games President: Future Mobiles Could Eliminate Need for Future Consoles

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