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Mac OS Ken: 07.27.2012

Apple v. Samstuff: Court Documents Show Apple Pulling in 49-58% Gross Margins on iPhone and 23-32% Gross Margins on iPad

Apple v. Samstuff: Court Documents Reveal Prototype iPhones and iPads

Apple v. Samstuff: Samsung May Try to Use Sony-Inspired iPhone Design Exercise Against Apple in Trial

Apple v. Samstuff: Documents Show Awareness by Samsung Employees of Similarities to Apple Products, Perhaps Enough to Confuse Consumers

Apple v. Samstuff: Documents Show Google and Designers Warning Samsung Against Too Much Similarity to iThings

Apple v. Samstuff: Settlement Talks Last Week End in Stalemate

Apple v. Samstuff: Apple WOuld Like $2.525 Billion from Samsung

Apple v. Samstuff: Judge Koh Denies Samsung Request to Increase Time and Number of Exhibits at Trial

Apple Gets EU-wide Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7; Denied Injunctions Against Galaxy Tab 10.1N and Galaxy Nexus

London Court Stays Apple Court Ordered Samsung Messages, Pending Appeal

BTIG Analyst Thinks Longer Upgrade Cycles at Carriers Hurt iPhone Sales in Apple 3Q FY2012

Windows Malware Spotted Tied to App in iOS App Store

Now Safari 6 for Windows

Apple Opening New Store in Barcelona on 28 July

Time Names Steve Jobs One of the 20 Most Influential People in American History

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