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Mac OS Ken: 07.24.2012

451/ChangeWave Survey Shows “Unprecedented” Demand for Apple’s Next iPhone; No Joy This Fall for Phone Makers Besides Apple and Samsung

Reuters Joins the Long Line of News Orgs Saying Apple Will Shrink Dock Connector in Next iPhone

iMore Source Says Apple Will Make a 19-Pin to 30-Pin Adaptor

WSJ: Apple Gets Paid for iThings Before It Pays for iThings

In-App Purchase Hacker Says iOS 6 Fix Kills In-App Purchase Hack

DoJ Bashes Apple’s Argument Against eBook Price Fixing Settlement Proposal

Wait Time for MacBook Pro with Retina Display in US Apple Store Drops to 1-2 Weeks

Apple Taps Martin Scorsese as Latest Pitchman for Siri and iPhone 4S

Rare Pixar Image Computer Up for Bids on eBay

Apple Reports 3Q FY2012 Earnings Today at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern

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