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Mac OS Ken: 07.18.2012

WSJ: Next iPhone to Use In-LCD Touch Sensors for Thinner, Better Screens

Munster Marvels at Planned Purchases of Next iPhone

Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks The Street Expects Too Much from Apple’s 3Q Earnings (Though She’s Still Bullish on Apple)

SMH: Australian Airline Qantas Drops BlackBerry for iPhone

Evercore Partners Analyst: 25% of Tablets Replacing PCs and Another 25% “Effectively” Replacing PCs

Apple Loses Design Patent Case Against Motorola Over Xoom in Germany

Wired: Apple Awarded Major Patent Covering Touchscreens, GUIs and Data

Apple Looking Into Audio Issues Between Some New MacBook Airs and  27” Thunderbolt Display

EPEAT Reviewing All Ultra-Think Laptops in Its Program (Not Because of Apple, Just Because (of Apple))

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