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Mac OS Ken: 07.04/05.2012

Secret Sources Tell Bloomberg That a Low-Cost iPad-Mini is Coming by Year’s End

NPD: Tablets to Overtake Laptops in Mobile PC Share in 2017

Sharp Sales Fall for Wintek Could Mean In-Cell Panels for Next iPhone

O2 UK: Study Shows People Using Smartphones as Everything But Phones

Amazon Reportedly Buys Its Way Into the 3D-Mapping Game with Purchase of UpNext

Apple Appeals Latest Charges by Italian Competition and Marketing Authority

Kodak Gets Go-Ahead to Sell Patents Despite Apple Protests

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview for Rent Through iTunes

Cult of Mac: Apple Loads Retina Display MacBook Pro with 10 Liquid Sensors

Horace Dediu: PC to Mac Sales Ratio Back to 1985’s 20-to-1

Fortune’s Elmer-DeWitt Figures 2003’s Release of iTunes for Windows Started the Ratio's Return

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