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Mac OS Ken: 07.02.2012

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Current Crop of iOS Users Worth $295 Billion to Apple

Bernstein Research Analyst Concerned Over Possible 3Q FY2012 Weakness for iPhone in China (Though He Leaves His Numbers Unchanged)

Munster: Typing Into Google Yields Better Comprehension and Accuracy Than Talking to Siri

Chinese Court Says Apple and Proview Settle iPad Trademark Suit for $60 Million

Apple Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung-Made Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Files Motion to Appeal Galaxy Nexus Preliminary Injunction

Judge Koh Denies Entirety of Huge Summary Judgement Motion Brought by Samsung

Google: Chrome Browser Issue Was Crashing and Freezing New MacBook Airs

CNET: Best Buy Discounts New MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Closes MobileMe, Though Leaves Time to Transfer Files to iCloud

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