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Mac OS Ken: 06.10.2011

Apple Drops Some In-App Purchase Rules for Publishers / Apple Announces “Lion Up-to-Date” Program for Recent Mac Buyers / Apple Issues Firmware Update for Unspecified iMacs / The Telegraph: Music-bits of iCloud Not Likely for UK Until 2012 / All Things D: Twitter Not the Only Social Network Embedded in iOS 5 / TUAW: Lost and Banned Apps Re-Downloadable Through iClouds “Purchased” Windows / Apple Hires New Agency Relations Exec for iAds / Foxconn Boss Says Company Will Improve Apple Product Manufacturing Efficiency in Second Half of 2011 / Foxconn Boss Praises Apple CEO Steve Jobs / CNET: Can Wireless Carriers Keep Up with iCloud and Other Clouds? / Strategy Analytics: Carriers Can Afford to Keep Up with Wireless Demand / HP’s webOS-Based TouchPad On Sale in U.S. on July 1 / Dell Starting Dell Streak 10 Pro in China (Skipping the States) / Cupertino Says “Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes” to Apple’s New HQ Proposal

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