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Mac OS Ken: 06.07.2013 (Repost)

Rumor: Apple to Start Buying Back Old iPhones This Month

Gazelle Sees Sizable Spike in MacBook Trade-Ins Ahead of WWDC 2013

The Verge: Google Exec Fumbles at eBook Price-Fixing Hearing

TUAW Ties Rise in Mobile-Ad Revenue for Google to Unbundling of YouTube from iOS

The Guardian: Verizon Turning Over Metadata on All Calls Under Three-Month Court Order

Reports: NSA and FBI Are Tapped Directly Into the Servers of Nine Tech Companies Including Apple

TUAW: Apple Denies Giving NSA Direct Access to Servers and Knowledge of PRISM Surveillance Program

US National Intelligence Director: We Are Being Totally Careful and Above Board with Any Phone Metadata We Are Secretly Collecting

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