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Mac OS Ken: 06.01.2011

Apple: Jobs to Deliver WWDC Keynote Showing Off Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud / NYT Wonders Why Apple Pre-Announced Its WWDC Announcements / Fortune: News of Jobs WWDC Keynote Boosts Appel Shares / WSJ: Deals Done with 3 Out of 4 Record Labels for Music Portion of iCloud / CNET: Sources Say Apple Would Like iCloud to Include Movie Locker Too / Silicon Alley Insider: How Much will iCloud Cost (Oh. And What Will it Do?) / Apple Updates iWork for iOS with iPhone and iPod touch Compatibility / 9 to 5 Mac: MacBook Air Shipments and Supplies Drying Up Ahead of Expected Refresh / Apple Releases Mac Security Update to Defend Against MAC Defender / Lodsys Presses Forward with Suits Against App Developers for Patent Violation / Military News Site Says USMC Testing iPad in Cockpits / The Washington Post: US Govt. Adopting iPads and Other Consumer-Grade Tech / NYT: If Elvis Still Needs Boats, Then He Now Needs iPads / Rolling Stone Publisher Not Happy with Move of Magazines to iPad / San Francisco Chronicle Takes Paper to iPad App / DC Comics “Reboot” to Include Simultaneous Print and Digital Releases Starting Late Summer

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