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May 11, 2021

- UBS Survey: iPhone is Still Wicked Sticky

- Report: Seven Companies in Apple’s Supply Chain Use Forced Labor

- Corning Get $45 Million More from Apple Advanced Manufacturing Fund

- Apple Seed Third Betas of Next Round of OS Updates to Developers

- Third Betas of iOS/iPadOS 14.6 Out to Public Testers

- Apple TV Adds Siri Support for Austria, Ireland, and New Zealand

- Apple Maps Mapping Hong Kong for “Look Around”

- Apple Sued Over 30% App Store Commission in UK

- Report: Indy Repair Shops Benefit from REvil Leak

- Early Facebook Ad Exec Joins Apple

- Oprah/Prince Harry Mental Health Series Gets a Tile and a Premier Date

- Apple Shares First Look at Scorsese Pic with Osage News

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