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May 5, 2021

- JP Morgan: Apple Controls 1/4 to 1/3 of Total Gaming Transactions

- Epic CEO Says He’d Have Taken Special Deal for Epic Alone

- Qualcomm Says EC/EU Case Shows Bias for Apple

- Australian Retailer Pulls AirTag Over Fear of Kids Swallowing Batteries

- Report: TSMC Planning Six Chip Fabs for Arizona

- Apple Releases Security-Fixing Safari 14.1 for Mojave and Catalina

- Price Changes Ahead for Four Regional App Stores

- Apple Snags AI Researcher Samy Bengio from Google

- Deadline: Apple Snags Tom Hanks SciFi Pic “Finch”

- Oprah and Prince Harry Mental Wellness Show to Hit Apple TV+ This Month

- Apple TV+ Series “Stillwater” and “Ted Lasso” Nominated for Peabody Awards

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