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Apr 28, 2021

- Report: EU to Bring Antitrust Charges Against Apple as Soon as This Week

- Australia Antitrust Wonks Worried Over Pre-Installed Apps iOS and Android

- Russia Fines Apple US$12M for Monopolistic App Store Practices

- German Orgs Bring Antitrust Complaints Over App Tracking Transparency

- Apple Promotes Ad Attribution Tools in Place of User Tracking

- Federighi: App Tracking Transparency Is About User Choice

- App Tracking Transparency: Apple Posts Two-Minute Explainer to YouTube

- Apple Says Developers Can’t Bribe Users for Permission to Track

- Facebook: ATT Notifications to Roll Out Over Weeks

- Report: "Allow Apps to Request to Track” Greyed Out for Some Users

- Apple Watch International Dance Day Challenge Set for 29 April

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