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Mac OS Ken: 04.26.2011

Apple Insider Sources Say Apple Retail Prepping for Imminent Arrival of White iPhone 4 / Pics Clicked of White iPhone 4 from Vodafone UK / Electronista: Best Buy Inventory System Points to 27 April Launch of White iPhone 4 / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Thinks White iPhone 4 Could Boost Device Sales / BGR Shows Shots of What Looks Like a Test iPhone on T-Mobile USA / Rumors and Reports Indicate New iMacs as Early as Next Week / Governments of Italy and France Looking into iOS 4 Location Logging / South Korea Looking into iOS 4 Location Logging / Illinois AG Would Like to Meet with Apple and Google on Data Collection / Senator Franken Calls Apple and Google to May 10th Hearing on Privacy, Technology, and the Law / Jobs Reportedly Responds to Location Logging Email Questions Saying “We Don’t Track, Android Does.” / WSJ: Turning Off Location Services in iOS 4 Doesn’t Stop Location Logging / First Lawsuit Over Location Logging Filed in Florida / Apple Issues Update for Mid-2010 iMac Hard Drive Firmware / Apple Drops 7-Year Attempt to Trademark “POD” in Canada / Apple Seeks Trademark for Term “Startup” Associated with Retail

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