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Mac OS Ken: 04.12.2011

Fortune: Pro and Amateur Analysts Split on iPod Sales for 2Q FY2011 / Ticonderoga Analyst: Huge March Growth for Apple Suppliers Likely Due to iPad 2 / Gartner Says Apple Will Dominate Tablets Through 2015 / Bloomberg/Business Week Launches iPad App with In-App Subscription Option / Andy Zaky Says Apple Investors Should Not Sweat Android / Intel Says 35 Atom-Powered Tablets and Hybrid Devices on the Way This Year / Avian Securities Sources Indicate iPhone 5 in Late 2011 or Early 2012 / iPhone 4 Constraint Eases in Hong Kong and China Gives Initial Approval for iPad 2 / Two Carriers in India Announce Plans for iPhone 4 in Coming Months / Amazon Launches Reduced Price Kindle Subsidized by Advertising

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