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Mac OS Ken: 04.05.2011

Canacord Genuity Ups Apple Target on Strength of iPad and iPhone / Moskowitz on the MacBook Air: JP Morgan Analyst Like the Line’s Strength Going Forward / Oppenheimer Analyst Does Not Buy Sony Camera-Sensor for iPhone 5 / Needham and Company Analyst Says No Sony Sensors for Next iPhone / Report: US Federal Government Investigating Info Collection by Apps for Mobiles / Judge Overturns Verdict in Mirror Worlds Patent Infringement Suit / Reuters: The Financial Times Still Doesn’t Like iTunes Subscription Plans / Jailbreak Journal: 4.3.1 Jailbreak Untethered and Toyota Spends Dollars with Cydia / Wait Times for iPad 2 in States Drop to “2 to 3 Weeks” / Woz Says Jobs Was Probably Aiming Towards the iPad from the Beginning / Underwear Party: First Album Recorded Entirely Through GarageBand for iPad Released

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