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Mac OS Ken: 04.01.2013

Samsung Says Apple Could Win Bigger Damages in Trial Do-Over

USPTO Denies Apple Request to Trademark Term iPad mini

CNETs Greg Sandoval Takes iRadio Rumors with Him to The Verge

Report: Apple Hires New Head of iAds for EAME

The Next Web: iOS Developers and Hackers Fall Prey to a Messages/iMessage Attack

State-Owned Chinese Animation Studio Sues Apple for Allegedly Selling Its Movies Without Authorization

Fortune: Apple Warranties for US and China Do Match

Chinese Consumer Watchdog Group Backed by Chinese Government Call for Two-Year Warranty on iPad

Cult of Mac: The China iHunt is “the Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen to Apple”

NYT: China Upset Over Rules Limiting US Government Agency Purchase of Chinese IT Products

Fortune: Apple Skirmish Could Be Step on Road to Trade War with China

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