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Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2013

CNBC Runs Idiot Story on Apple Shares Versus Google Share Complete with Idiot Analysis and Other NBC Sites Hacked to Deliver Malware Thursday

Computerworld: Fake Security Reports on Chinese Cyber-Espionage Used in Targeted Cyber Attacks

Apple Experiences Multiple Issues with Online Services on Thursday

MacNN: beta 2 of iOS 6.1.3 Deals with Passcode Lock-Screen Vulnerability

Judge Koh Orders Apple and Samsung to Slim Down Their Cases Ahead of 2014 Trial

Fortune: Foxconn Hiring Freeze is Apple’s Fault (In a Good Way)

Brazilian Organization Sues Apple Over Quick Upgrade Time Between 3rd-Gen and 4th-Gen iPads

Google Announces High-Price Chromebook Pixel to Be Launched This Year

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